Eligibility & Sign Up

Individuals residing in the SCAN Service Area who meet ANY of the criteria below are eligible to receive food once every thirty days:

* Unemployed

* Gross monthly income at or below the following levels:
Household Size        Monthly Gross Income
1                                 $1,437
2                                 $1,940
3                                 $2,442
4                                 $2,945
5                                 $3,447
6                                 $3,950
7                                 $4,452
8                                 $4,955

*Recipient of:
Food Stamps
Energy Assistance
Medical Assistance
Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) Assistance


Stop by SCAN during operating hours, Thursdays and Saturdays 9am-12pm, and fill out an application.  Or download the one below and bring it with you.


Please bring a photo ID with your current address or a photo ID and an official document or bill that shows your current address.